Halifax Sports Guards

Halifax Sports Guards

Guards, Bite Appliances

When your teeth and jaw need protection

Some people grind their teeth at night, so a bite appliance might be helpful. And if you are a sports participant, whether it be hockey, football, or rugby, consider using guards for protection.

Sports Guards

Sudden impact or injury while playing sports can cause serious problems. Sports guards are custom made to cushion and protect your teeth, essentially absorbing shock from excessive force. They also protect your jaw joints. We can provide a guard that fits your mouth, stays firmly in place, and lets you play your game without worry.

Bite Appliances

Clenching, grinding, or gnashing your teeth are all indications of a condition called bruxism. It is done unconsciously and usually at night, resulting in a sore jaw, chipped or loose teeth, damaged fillings, and often an excruciating headache. Let’s a bite appliance to keep your teeth separated while you sleep.

Sports guards and bite appliances are made to suit your mouth.

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