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Dr. Aness Assafeen

Dr. Assafeen is a General Dentist at Trimac Dental Centre in Halifax. 

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Dr. Aness Assafeen, Halifax Dentist

Dr. Aness Assafeen

General Dentist

Dr. Aness Assafeen

Dr. Assafeen received his Canadian Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2019, initially receiving his DDS in Syria in 2014. Dr. Assafeen is known for his outstanding patient care, making sure that he listens to his patients needs and concerns. “Complete dentistry has a lot to offer and can be tremendously beneficial to improve people’s quality of life, thorough discussion with patients, examination and planning is what Dr. Assafeen adheres to. 

Aness is a progressive dentist and has attended many training programs to provide the best outcomes to his patients, from the latest root canal and implant technology to Invisalign and Nitrous (laughing gas) sedation. He is also a member of the Seattle and Dawson study clubs.

Dr. Maclean welcomes Dr. Assafeen to the Trimac family, and both enjoy working together to achieve excellence in dentistry.

Outside of dentistry, Aness is a very active person, he enjoys going to the gym and playing tennis. Aness believes that the right mindset comes from a healthy lifestyle including, spiritual, relationships and physical activity. Aness also values spending time with family and friends. 

Dr. Aness provides many treatments from surgeries to Endodontics and Invisalign.

He has attended post-dental school root canal training, and enjoys advanced cases. Aness has a calm and caring disposition, and is able to put those anxious with dental treatment, at ease.

Two years general practitioner in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia from 2019-2021. Then moved to Halifax to work at Trimac Dental Centre.

Post-dental a year training on surgery at the university hospital.

Intense surgery training on implant placement and restoring through MIT program.

Study clubs and groups:

  • Active member at Seattle study club
  • Active member at Dawson study club
  • Attended Atlantic root canal study club

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