Comprehensive, modern technology available

At Trimac Dental Centre we have access to tried-and-true as well as state-of-the-art technology to quickly diagnose dental problems and decide on treatment options.

Intra-Oral Cameras

The newest video technology includes Intra-oral cameras which are lightweight and have great quality and zoom capabilities. Not only do they enhance diagnostic power, they allow patient education – you can see what your dentist can see.

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic X-rays can be shown and stored on the dental office’s computer. They are two-dimensional (2-D) and can capture the entire mouth in a single image, including teeth, upper and lower jaws, and surrounding structures and tissues. They can even produce flat images of curved structures, such as jaws.

Cephalometric X-Rays

Commonly called a ceph, a cephalometric x-ray is used to diagnose and plan orthodontic treatment. It will also show sleep apnea patients’ airways. The dentist can take the developed x-ray and, with tracing paper, follow the jaw and teeth growth pattern.

3D CT scans

3D dental imaging captures high-definition views of soft and hard tissue, as well as bone structure, from single arch to full skull, and the range between. This can be done in one fast scan.


CEREC is an acronym for Chair-side, Economical Restorations of Esthetic. It is a method of dentistry for creating dental restorations. With this computer-aided system, the procedure is done in our office, restoring your teeth to their natural beauty, function, and strength.

iTero digital impressions

iTero enables your dentist to take a 3D digital scan of your teeth and bite, make adjustments in real time, and transmit the file wirelessly for processing. It streamlines the process, making it more comfortable for the patient and more efficient for us.

Digital radiology is replacing film images in dental offices. Keeping up with technology is important to our team at Trimac Dental Centre.